Demo Reel 2018 

If you want to see it just contact me so I can provide you with a password. 

1. ZooVFX/Field Museum – I had to reconstruct a number of species under the guidance of the paleontologists from the Field Museum, Chicago. I was provided with skeletal scans, scale impressions and number of papers on the subject. Sculpting, retopo, uvs, and textures.
2. Framestore/The Terror – Creating two digi doubles(very detailed). I was provided with rough scans of the clothed bodies. Sculpting, retopo, uvs, and textures.
3. The Mill/McVities – I was in charge of the sculpting, retopo, uvs, and textures of the seal.
4. Crawley Creatures/Museum – I had to sculpt a number of species for a Museum exhibition. Some of them got scanned and rest was used as a reference for life full-size, real-life recreation.
5. Glassworks/Carling – I was in charge of sculpting, retopo, uvs and textures of all players.
6. Framestore – modeling, uvs, textures.

Demo Reel 2016

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My name is Vladimir Venkov and I am a Bulgarian(I also hold a British citizenship) artist based in Ashurst Wood, West Sussex, UK. My main areas are character/creature development, sculpting, modeling and texturing.  I use Zbrush, Mudbox, 3D Coat,  Maya, Softimage, Mari, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and pencil. I have done work for Framestore, The Mill, Passion Pictures, Glassworks and many other companies. 

email: hi at                           mobile:   zero seven four two seven  six one four  one two zero

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